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Productivity and profitability are the cornerstones of a successful business. Team Building Workshops can inspire your employees through collaboration, creativity and communication that will boost productivity.

Leading the team to work toward a common goal is best achieved with a Team Building event away from the distractions of the office. We work with many Team Building professionals who can help you achieve your goals.

Businesses thrive by staying one step ahead of shifting markets. Many organizations are able to re-tool effective strategies through Team Building Workshops.

Launching a new product or service is best achieved when the entire organization understands the vision for change. Employees not only learn to work together to achieve top performance, but this type of workshop can be beneficial in defining expectations and inspiring results.

Below are 10 reasons that Team Building is important for your organization:

  1. Collaboration can inspire creativity. 

  2. Networking will develop better communication across departments.

  3. Establishing teamwork will increase overall company productivity.

  4. Employees can assimilate a better understanding of company culture and values.

  5. Partnerships can improve how employees view their individual contribution.

  6. Teambuilding allows for employee appreciation and increases engagement.

  7. Boost team performance by bridging the needs of different departments.

  8. Launch a new strategy or explore change through creative team building.

  9. Teambuilding is a great way to enhance strengths and overcome weaknesses.

  10. Create a more positive work culture in more relaxed and innovative surroundings.

Team Building Workshops can take place outdoors and include recreational activities. They can also be facilitated in an indoor setting in a way that fosters exploration and creativity.

We are experts and helping companies with Event Management, product launches and effecting positive change through Team Building Workshops. Contact us today to learn how a Team Building Event can help your company grow. 

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Congratulations! The excitement of your wedding engagement is definitely something to celebrate. It is time to start planning the perfect theme and ambiance that captures the essence of your relationship. This is your opportunity to express the love that you share through your choices of venue, music, lighting, flowers and food.

With so many event locations to choose from, the venue will set the theme for the entire wedding reception. You may even want to line up the venue prior to designing your invitations – to keep with the theme.

You’ll need to know the size of your guest list and determine your budget. From there, you can approach planning with love, creativity and excitement.

Keep in mind that utilizing an outdoor space may require last minute tents and heaters should the weather change. At the same time, planning your gathering in a restaurant can present challenges if your guest list begins to grow. Choosing the perfect venue requires that you plan ahead and start your search early.

Below are a few venue ideas that can help get the creative juices flowing in planning your wedding reception.

Hotel and Resort Event Spaces

Choosing to have your wedding reception in a hotel or event center is probably the easiest approach to planning. Not only will your out of town guests find overnight accommodations, many offer everything including tables, chairs, linens and catering.

Consider the ambiance of the resort. Would you like a mountain top wedding in the Sierra’s at one of Lake Tahoe’s premier resorts? Or do you prefer the elegant flow of an oceanside gathering at a resort along the California coast?

Your choice of entertainment can include a DJ who can play your chosen song list. Or, if you are seeking a more romantic and enchanting evening, consider a string quartet, opera singer or swing band. Consider the mood you are creating and your guest list. Would a jazz band or disco funk band set the perfect theme?


For last minute choices, or when it is difficult to match the venue to your chosen date, consider other options like a warehouse. There are many rentable warehouses that are perfect for any event and provide an interesting pallet for your creativity.

Generally, this type of space will not have ideal lighting. We can provide the perfect lighting to ensure that your photos aren’t washed-out from harsh, overhead lighting. We can also help with the acoustics and heaters if necessary.

This large, open floorplan can be softened through the use of thoughtful furniture and drapes. The floral swags and garlands will actually become more interesting against the minimalistic backdrop. This venue provides a blank canvas for all sorts of creative ideas. Think runway show! This is a popular venue for fashion designers.

Country Chic

California offers many outdoor spaces that have a country feel. Choosing to have a reception in a barn doesn’t necessarily mean a western theme. Many can be decorated in the ambiance of church. The expansive sight lines and beams can actually provide a sense of the majestic.

The exposed timber and framing can be softened with floor to ceiling drapery or floral swags. A barn is ideal when combining the ceremony with the reception.

Like the warehouse, careful consideration must be given to the lighting to ensure it becomes a photographer’s dream. Mixing modern and rustic designs, your venue can have the ambiance of country chic.

Ralph Lauren launched their recent line inspired by the western feel of ‘California Dreaming.’  Their choice of music for the runway show included a mix of the sensual and dreamy remakes of popular California and Western songs. Their soundtrack might inspire your choice of music. 

VineyardCalifornia has many vineyards that are available for wedding venues. It can inspire your choice of colors that might include buttery yellow, apricot and plum. To achieve a more Tuscan feel, you can add copper and shades of green.

Obviously, a vineyard can set a theme that showcases California wines. Beyond Sonoma, there are virtually vineyards sprinkled throughout the Sierra foothills and Southern California mountains. Many are set up to accommodate events and can provide tables, chairs, linens and catering. String Quartets and Opera might be a perfect choice of music for a Vineyard wedding.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or eclectic venue, we can help. From planning your theme to capturing the essence of the ambiance you desire, we can help you every step of the way.

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Beautiful opera arias are perfect for many events, from a wedding ceremony to a classy corporate gathering. Opera singers are professionally trained to sing a wide variety of pieces that will fit any mood. One example is the gorgeous soprano aria about love - O Mio Babbino Caro, from Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi. It's a perfect song to hear while the bride walks down the aisle! There are many popular arias for the men to sing as well. Almost everyone is familiar with the tenor masterpiece, Nessun Dorma, also by Puccini. Expand the options further with a duet of performers who can sing separately or together. Looking for some aria options? Check out the sites below to find lists of aria/song options and imagine your next event featuring professional voices providing unique entertainment for your guests. Call INDependent Entertainment to book opera singers or any other entertainment you desire to create a memorable event:877-922-9990


Corporate Event:

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