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Why Should You Use an Entertainment Booking Company for Your Wedding?

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

The Reno/Tahoe area is an international destination for weddings. The beautiful scenery draws couples from all corners of the earth, as well as locals, to say their vows with Lake Tahoe or snow-capped mountains in the background. When couples book their venue, they then need to book the other vendors that will make the event a success – the minister/justice, the caterer, the cake-maker, the photographer, and, of course, the entertainment!

But how does a couple find the perfect musician or DJ or MC or entertainer for the event of their dreams? They could search the internet, read reviews, ask for quotes, hope for availability and reliability, and roll the dice. Or they can call an entertainment booking company like INDependent Entertainment. When you work with a company like IND, you can trust that every professional that is booked for your event is indeed, a professional. They will be on time, looking great and sounding great. Their act, whatever it may be, will entertain and impress your guests and contribute to an unforgettable event.

“In this digital age when many musicians have a boundless social media presence and contact information listed right on their websites, using a booking agency may seem outmoded. Industry insiders say, however, that the need for these organizations is on the rise in this era when anyone can create a Facebook page and call himself a musician. Booking agencies already have vetted their sponsored musical acts, and can connect clients with groups that may be unreachable to the public.”

Working with IND means dealing with one agent that books all the entertainment for your event. Do you want a string quartet for the ceremony, an MC for the dinner and toasts, a DJ for the after-dinner dancing, and a fire artist for the closing of the wedding event? You only have to talk to one person and pay one bill. During the event you enjoy yourself and know that the logistics of the entertainment are handled.

A unique feature of working with IND is that we will create a custom band specifically for your wedding from our roster of professional musicians. Would you like a 7-piece band with horns and an excellent female lead singer? No problem. How about a string duo or a jazz trio? We can do that. Ever considered a full orchestra to play your favorite classical tunes? That’s an option too! We can put together the musicians you desire to make your event special instead of having to choose from a roster of established bands that may or may not fit the style and budget of your wedding. Your wedding is uniquely yours and the entertainment should be too.

Are you putting together a wedding or any other special event where you need entertainment?

Call Andy Mond at INDependent Entertainment: 877-922-9990

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